gm. studio presents


Postcards from the End of Times

— By Dominikus Baur


The 2023 collection which kicked-off with Balagan by Sapir Cohen.


The inaugural set from gm. studio’s first year of operation, Genesis is a collection of gen art from the finest artists of their generation.

The studio is a creation of the gmDAO, an organisation consisting of NFT artists, collectors & enthusiasts.

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Providing a superior experience for both artists & collectors.

We built the studio from the ground up using our experience working with existing artistic platforms and the challenges they present to artists.

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Every collection that we offer is selected by a blind panel.

All submissions received by the studio are presented blindly to our curation panel, meaning artists are selected purely on merit, not reputation.

Our current board members

Meet the gmDAO curation team

Our current board consists of resident gmDAO artists all of whom are experienced generative artists as well as being highly respected in their fields

The Artist Studio

A full-service platform for generative artists to launch collections

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The is always looking for new talent to work with, and one of our primary objectives is to provide a superior experience when it comes to launching a new collection.

With our expertise & experience in the generative art space, we will guide you through the steps of launching a successful project. From defining the scope, smart contract deployment, marketing & launch.

If you would like to have your artwork featured on the studio, we welcome you to submit your work via the link below