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Great art takes time, and great art is timeless. We work with artists who care deeply about their work, and in turn we care deeply about preserving it. Our platform is built with this in mind; every collection has it's code stored immutably on the blockchain, with every piece being replicable entirely using on chain assets.

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Secondary Volume

Ξ 6,928

How it works

gm. studio is a generative art platform built & run by the gmDAO, a community of NFT artists, collectors & enthusiasts.

We are the world's first community owned and managed arts platform.

Our goal is to make gen art accessible and inclusive to all.

We provide:

  • Transparent & efficient submission process
  • Art selected on merit
  • No fees upfront
  • Competitive royalty structure
  • Broad exposure to established collectors & investors

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Please provide a link to a gallery of test mints. We require at least 10% of the total supply, but share more if you can. The pieces should be random and not hand-picked.