Live Render

Select your collection and enter a tokenID below to see your piece being drawn. Some renders can take a while so please be patient.

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shift + Aenable auto-morphing
shift + Sstatic view
shift + →increase morph speed
shift + ←decrease morph speed
shift + ↑increase morph wait
shift + ↓decrease morph wait
shift + Space bartrigger a single morph

Aspect ratio

shift + 13/4 (default)
shift + 21/1
shift + 31/2
shift + 42/3
shift + 0adaptive aspect ratio


shift + Buse background texture
shift + Nremove background texture (use to print on paper)
shift + Eexport image at the current resolution
shift + Oexport image at 6k resolution
shift + Pexport image at 12k resolution (exported in parts)